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Private Tours Amsterdam

Private Tours Amsterdam

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Keukenhof private tours

The highlight of this private tours in Amsterdam is the world famous Keukenhof, the largest bulb-flower park in the world. The history of the Keukenhof, the name means “kitchen garden”, goes back to the 15th century. Keukenhof Castle was built in 1641, and the estate grew to an area of over 200 hectares. There are around 4.5 million tulips in 100 different varieties. This is one of the most photographed places in the world.

Keukenhof will be open from Saturday 20 March 2021 – Sunday 9 May 2021.

Volendam/Marken Private tour

A visit to Amsterdam and the Netherlands would not be complete without having seen the lovely Dutch countryside. During this trip you will see Zaanse Schans, the picturesque windmill village. Other highlights during this trip include the famous and lively fishing village of Volendam. We will also visit the former island Marken, where we will visit a local traditional clog maker.

Private City Tour Amsterdam

Orient yourself on this tour for three hours in the city of Amsterdam, perfect for visitors who would like to know the city of Amsterdam. You can book this tour in the morning or afternoon, see the main attractions of Amsterdam, including the Palace on Dam Square, the Flower Market, the Museum square and the former home of Rembrandt.

Grand Holland private tour

A great impression of Holland that starts with a drive to Rotterdam, famous for its modern architecture. During this trip we will drive along the River Maas. We will continue the trip to Delft for a visit to the Delft Blue pottery factory. Afterwards, we will show you The Hague, with our Parliament and the Peace Palace. Our last stop will be at the miniature town of Madurodam.

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